Steam Turbines

Wednesday, November 28th 2012. | Mechanical Engineering

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Steam Turbines Presentation outlines :

  • Construction of steam turbines
  • How does the steam turbine work
  • Classification of steam turbines
  • Advantages of turbines
  • and more
Steam Turbines PPT Content Summary :
  1. What exactly is the turbine?

Turbine is an engine that converts energy of fluid into mechanical energy.The steam turbine is steam driven rotary engine.

Some historical facts

  • The first “turbine” was made by Hero of Alexandria in the second century
  • In the end of XVIII century the Industrial Revolution began (in 1770 first reciprocating piston steam engine invented by Thomas Newcomen and invented by James Watt started its work)
  • The first steam turbines were constructed in 1883 by Dr Gustaf de Laval and in 1884 by sir Charles Parsons
  • In 1896 Charles Curtis received a patent on impulse turbine
  • In 1910 was created radial turbine (Ljungström)

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Title: Steam Turbines
Category: Mechanical Engineering
Date: Wednesday, November 28th 2012.
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