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Tuesday, February 5th 2013. | Science

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Polynomials Powerpoint outlines :

  1. Evaluation
  2. Root finding
  3. Root Bracketing
  4. Interpolation
  5. Resultant
  6. and more


Polynomials Presentation Content Summary :


Best understood and most applied functions

  • Taylor as expansion
  • Basis of parametric curve/surface
  • Data fitting

Basic Theorem:

  • Weierstrass Approximation Theorem
  • Fundamental Theorem of Algebra

Evaluating xk Efficiently

  • Instead of using pow(x,k), or any iterative/recursive subroutines, think again!
  • The S-and-X method: S(square) X (multiply-by-x)
  • See how it works in the next pages
  • Understand how to implement in program

[Multiplication, division]

GCD of polynomials (Euler algorithm)

Theorems for Polynomial Equations

Sturm theorem:

The number of real roots of an algebraic equation with real coefficients whose real roots are simple over an interval, the endpoints of which are not roots, is equal to the difference between the number of sign changes of the Sturm chains formed for the interval ends.

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Title: Polynomials PPT
Category: Science
Date: Tuesday, February 5th 2013.
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