Mind Reading Computer

Tuesday, October 1st 2013. | Computer Science, Information Technology

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  1. Mind-Reading Computer
  2. Mind-Reading Computer Introduction
  3. Deinition
  4. Content
  5. What is Mind-Reading Computer
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Mind-Reading Computer

Some Review:


  • Mind Reading: The set of abilities that allow a person to infer others’ mental states from nonverbal cues and observed behavior.
  • Humans do it all the time!!
  • Words are not the only means of conveying a message: facial expressions, hand gestures and voice modulations also play a vital role.
  • A few examples

+ During a lecture expressions like “yawning” or “staring at the ceiling” indicate boredom.
+ Lovers : You say it best when you say nothing at all  – Ronan Keating

  • Mind reading is a very important part of a broader area of intelligence called social intelligence.

+ It gives you the ability to behave well in a social environment.
+ Empathize with others.
+ Choose correct words during a conversation.

  • The absence of this ability in some humans is diagnosed as autism: such people find it difficult to operate in our complex social environment.


  • Introduction/Motivation
  • Emotions and Facial Expressions
  • Framework for Facial Expression Recognition
  • Feature Extraction and Display Recognition
  • Identifying emotions from the features and displays
  • Applications
  • Training children diagnosed with Autism
  • Fatigue detection
  • Summary


Deception v/s True Feelings

  • People often have expressions that reflect emotions or mental states that are different than their true feelings or thoughts.

Non- verbal cues

  • Facial Expressions
  • Hand gestures
  • Voice modulations


  • Range of mental states

- Should reliably classify a wide range of mental states.

  • Fully automated

- None of the stages of an FER system should require manual intervention.

  • Real Time

- Should respond to user’s emotions without any noticeable delay

  • Continuous and asynchronous expressions

- Facial expressions are continuous and overlap each other.
- They may present mental states that are overlapping.

  • User Independent

- Should not require retraining for a new user.

  • Deals with occlusion of the face

- A portion of the face is missing such as when hand gestures occlude parts of the face.

  • Supports talking

- Typically a person is talking and expressing his/her mental state ate the same time.


  • AN HMM for each facial display
  • Observation variables: Action units
  • Probability of occurrence of a display:- probability that the underlying action sequence is the output of corresponding Markov model.
  • Forward or Backward algorithm

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Title: Mind Reading Computer
Category: Computer Science, Information Technology
Date: Tuesday, October 1st 2013.
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