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Saturday, November 24th 2012. | Internet And Networking

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Home Networking  Presentation outlines :

  • Will focus on physical layouts.
  • Hard to get very specific.
  • Too many OS versions and network hardware combinations.
  • Example network layouts.
  • Example home network components.
  • and more

Home Networking


Necessary or highly recommended:

Internet Service Provider (ISP).
Broadband (NAT) router.
Print server or network printer.


Wireless access point.
Wireless repeater.
Small hubs/switches.
Web cams, …

Network addressing

All IP addresses within the network must be unique. Check your docs for subnet mask and gateway. Most broadband routers have DHCP servers, so you don’t have to manage addresses manually.

What is NAT?

NAT = ?Net Address Translation? Several different methods. For the gory details, see RFC 1613. Most frequently encountered method is the one used in home broadband routers which ?hide? an entire non-routable network range behind a single routable ?public? IP address. Ref: Bill Dutcher: ?The NAT Handbook? (Wiley)

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Title: Home Networking – PPT Slides
Category: Internet And Networking
Date: Saturday, November 24th 2012.
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