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Sunday, December 30th 2012. | Computer Science

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Holographic Data Storage Presentation outlines

  1. Introduction
  2. Fundamentals of Holographic Data Storage
  3. Hardware For Holographic Data Storage
  4. Holographic Digital Data Storage Testers
  5. Coding And Signal Processing
  6. Associative Retrieval
  7. and more

Holographic Data Storage

Holographic Data Storage Seminar Topics  Content Summary :

Holographic Data Storage Definition

Magnetic and conventional optical data storage technologies are approaching physical limits beyond which individual bits may be too small or too difficult to store.
Holographic data storage is an approach of storing information throughout the volume of a medium—not just
on its surface.
With the rapidly increasing demand for increased storage capacity in a smaller space, this technology offers an economy in price.

Hardware For Holographic Data Storage

The optical system shown in Figure, with two lenses separated by the sum of their focal lengths, is called the “4-f” configuration
Advantage: Point defects on the storage material do not lead to lost bits, but result in a slight loss in signal-to-noise ratio at all pixels and the storage material can be removed and replaced in an offset position, yet the data can still be reconstructed correctly

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Title: Holographic Data Storage | PPT Slides Download
Category: Computer Science
Date: Sunday, December 30th 2012.
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