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Sunday, January 27th 2013. | Information Technology

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Hawk-Eye Technology Powerpoint outlines :

  1. History
  2. How Its Works
  3. Hawk-Eye in Tennis
  4. Hawk Eye in Cricket
  5. Hawk-Eye in Soccer

Hawk-Eye Technology

Hawk-Eye Technology Presentation  Content Summary :


  • Invented by British computer expert Paul Hawkins
  • First launched in 2001
  • Derived its concept from that of missile-tracking technology

How It Works ( 3 Steps )

  • Uses high-speed cameras to capture the image of the ball
  • The system produces the actual path of the ball by comparing images
  • Predict the future path of the ball using a parametric model.
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Title: Hawk-Eye Technology PPT
Category: Information Technology
Date: Sunday, January 27th 2013.
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