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Sunday, December 23rd 2012. | Energy ad Environtment

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Global Warming Effects PPT Slides Download . Free presentation  : Global Warming Effects on  Global Warming Effects PPT

Global Warming Presentation outlines :

  1. What is global warming?
  2. What is the greenhouse effect?
  3. What causes an enhanced greenhouse effect?
  4. How do we know global warming is happening?
  5. Global warming and Human Health
  6. The infectious diseases
  7. and more

Global Warming Effects

Global Warming Effects PPT Presentation  Content Summary :

What is Global Warming

Global warming is a marked and extended change in the Earth’s climate for the warmer
Climate change is an extended change in the Earth’s regular pattern of atmospheric conditions and its fluctuations
Global warming is caused by an enhanced greenhouse effect caused by human activity more

Greenhouse effect?

The greenhouse effect is caused by the trapping of heat in the Earth’s
First the Sun’s high frequency rays of radiation enter into the Earth’s atmosphere in the form of visible light
Next the Earth absorbs these rays and radiates them back into the atmosphere as infrared radiation, or heat
Since the Earth’s atmosphere includes certain gases which even in small amounts can absorb infrared radiation, gases such as methane, carbon dioxide, fluorocarbons, and nitrous oxide, the infrared radiation is trapped by these gases and can not escape the Earth’s atmosphere
Lastly, as the Earth’s atmosphere traps more and more heat the Earth’s atmosphere begins to increase the temperature of the Earth itself
Global warming and Human Health

  • Global warming will affect human health in a number of different ways
  • The spread of infectious diseases will be affected
  • Agriculture will be affected
  • Extreme weather patterns will be affected
  • The amount of smog near the ground will be affected
  • The supply of freshwater available to humans will be affected

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Title: Global Warming Effects | PPT Slides Download
Category: Energy ad Environtment
Date: Sunday, December 23rd 2012.
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