Flora And Fauna In INDIA

Friday, July 19th 2013. | Biology

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Flora And Fauna In INDIA

Some Review:

Plants and animal species in India

India, the world’s species of plants and animals that about 8 percent of the land. You looked around to see the biodiversity (estimated 1.6 million) did not know. The number of clubs that can be found in two or three times so far. Scope and diversity of forest and wildlife resources you have been studied in detail now. In our daily life, you will not be able to realize the importance of this resource. Provided that we integrate it into our daily lives a variety of flora and fauna. But recently, they are not interested in the protection of the environment are of great pressure.

Forest disappear

The size of deforestation in India is overwhelming. Nation forests is estimated at 293 637 sq. km., 19.39% of the total area of geographic Members either. (11.48% dense forest, open forest 7.76%, 0.15% Mangrove). Forest Report (1999), was dependent on the state, and he rose to 10.098 square kilometers covered with dense forest. Since 1997. This is however apparent increase forest because of other agricultural organizations. The state of the forest report does not distinguish between natural forests and plantations. Therefore, this report failed on current loss of natural forests to supply accurate information.

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Title: Flora And Fauna In INDIA
Category: Biology
Date: Friday, July 19th 2013.
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