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Thursday, January 31st 2013. | Information Technology

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Facebook Thrift Powerpoint outlines :

  1. Abstract
  2. Thrift Types
  3. Facebook Thrift Service
  4. Structure
  5. And More

Facebook Thrift

Facebook Thrift Presentation Content Summary :

Thrift is a software library and a set of code generation tool which was developed at the Facebook Office at Palo Alto, California, to expedite development and implementation of scalable and efficient backend services. The primary goal of thrift is enable efficient and reliable communication across programming languages by abstracting the portions of each language that tend to require the most customization into a common library that is implemented in each language. This is done by allowing the users to define the data types and service interfaces in a common Interface Definition Logic File (IDL File) which is supposed to be language neutral file and it generates all the necessary code to build Remote Procedure Calls to clients and servers. This report explains the design choices and implementation level details and also tries to demonstrate a sample Thrift Service.

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Title: Facebook Thrift PPT
Category: Information Technology
Date: Thursday, January 31st 2013.
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