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Wednesday, October 10th 2012. | Information Technology

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Face Detection Technology

Face Detection Technology on ppt presentation outlines :

  • Face Detection
  • What is face detection?
  • Importance of face detection
  • Current state of research
  • Different approaches
  • Face Recognition
  • What is face recognition?
  • Its applications
  • Different approaches
  • and more

What is Face Detection?

Given an image, tell whether there is any human face, if there is, where is it(or where they are).

Importance of Face Detection

  • The first step for any automatic face recognition system system
  • First step in many Human Computer Interaction systems

Expression Recognition

  • Cognitive State/Emotional State Recogntion
  • First step in many surveillance systems
  • Tracking: Face is a highly non rigid object
  • A step towards Automatic Target Recognition(ATR) or
  • generic object detection/recognition
  • Video coding…

What is Face Recognition?

A set of two task:

Face Identification: Given a face image that belongs to a person in a database, tell whose image it is.
Face Verification: Given a face image that might not belong to the database, verify whether it is from the person it is claimed to be in the database.
Difference between Face Detection and Recognition

Detection – two-class classification
Recognition – multi-class classification
Face vs. Non-face
One person vs. all the others

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Title: Face Detection Technology – ppt slides
Category: Information Technology
Date: Wednesday, October 10th 2012.
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