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Tuesday, February 26th 2013. | Information Technology

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Electronic Paper Powerpoint outlines :

  1. Electronic Paper
  2. What is e-paper
  3. Some of the basic attributes as follows
  4. E-paper History
  5. and More

Electronic Paper

Electronic Paper Presentation Content Summary :

What is e-paper?

  • It is a term that has been used rather loosely for a long time, but broadly speaking it is a display technology that has all the attributes of Paper but can be written to and erased electronically.

Some of the basic attributes as follows

  • High resolution (150dpi or better).
  • High contrast, equal to that of print on paper (about 10:1 or better).
  • Readable in any ambient light conditions and in any viewing angle
  • Excellent ergonomic features, easy to hold, carry, and use.
  • Light weight, Robust, bendable.
  • Cheap, maybe not will withstand being dropped, hit, etc.
  • Flexible, or at least as cheap as paper, but easily affordable by everyone.
  • Reasonable large area, preferably A4 (298x212mm)
  • Bistable, once a display is written it will stay displayed even when power is switched off.

E-paper History

Nicholas K. Sheridon inventor of Gyricon – first electronic-paper

Xerox Palo Alto Research

Center (Xerox PARC) employee Nicholas K. Sheridon. The Gyricon,
a Greek term for rotating image, was to be new display technology for the Alto personal computer; eventually, it became the basis for modern e-paper technology.

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Title: Electronic Paper PPT
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Date: Tuesday, February 26th 2013.
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