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Tuesday, December 11th 2012. | Computer Science

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Computer Generations

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FIRST GENERATION 1951 – 1958: The Vacuum Tube

The first generation of computers, characterized by vacuum tubes, started in 1951 with the creation of – UNIVAC (Universal Automatic Computer) – a tabulating machine which won the contest for the fastest machine which could count the US 1890 census.

VACUUM TUBES – electronic tubes about the size of light bulbs.

SECOND GENERATION 1959 – 1964: The Transistor

The year 1959 marked the invention of transistors, which characterized the second generation of computers.
TRANSISTOR – was a three-legged component which shrunk the size of the first generation computers. Occupied only 1/100 th of the space occupied by a vacuum tube. More reliable, had greater computational speed, required no warm-up time and consumed far less electricity.

THIRD GENERATION 1965 – 1970: The Integrated Circuit

Third generation computers arose in 1965 with the invention of smaller electronic circuits called integrated circuits (IC’S)
INTEGRATED CIRCUITS – are square silicon chips containing circuitry that can perform the functions of hundreds of transistors.

FOURTH GENERATION 1971 – present: The Microprocessor

• Marked by the use of microprocessor
• MICROPROCESSOR – is a silicon chip that contains the CPU – part of the computer where all processing takes place. 4004 chip – was the first microprocessor introduced by Intel Corporation.


• is classified as fourth generation computers.
• faster, more powerful, tremendous data storage and processing capacity
• new brands and models would come out the market almost every other month.
• many clones or imitations of the IBM have become even more powerful and a lot cheaper.

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Date: Tuesday, December 11th 2012.
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