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Friday, December 21st 2012. | Psychology

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Body Language Presentation outlines :

  1. Body Language
  2. Eye and face
  3. Body Language example
  4. Two basic groups of Body Language
  5. Movement

Body Language

Body Language PPT Presentation  Content Summary :

Body Language

  • Only as less as 15% is expressed with words, more than 50% is expressed through your body
  • Sense organs in play
  • Left and right brain
  • Subconscious signals

Body Language – Face and Eye

  • Feelings, attitudes & emotions- more than body
  • Sarcastic comments/ sincere
  • Eyes- lying
  • Establish bond
  • Involve

Body Language example

  • Eyes – upward to the right (their left). Trying to recall memories.
  • Eyes – upwards to the left (their right). Creating visual images (we think in pictures).
  • A hand over the mouth whilst talking indicates deceit. A desire to try and stop the words coming out of the mouth.
  • and more

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Title: Body Language | PPT Slides Download
Category: Psychology
Date: Friday, December 21st 2012.
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