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Monday, September 30th 2013. | Internet And Networking

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3D Internet Technology Powerpoint outlines :

  1. 3D Internet Technology
  2. 3D Internet Technology Introduction
  3. Deinition
  4. Content
  5. What is 3D Internet Technology
  6. Resource
  7. and More

3D Internet Technology

Some Review:
  • Introduction
  • 3D Internet
  • Why
  • What
  • How
  • Conclusion


  • The Internet is evolving to become the cyberspace.
  • The world wide web, from document repository to full-fledged
  • virtual environment.
  • CLI (gopher) ->GUI (www) ->3D Internet

Our goals:

  • Analyze trends
  • Discuss a research agenda
  • Raise interest in networking, security, distributed computing, and machine learning communities.

3D Internet Trends and Concepts

  • 3D Internet as an interactive virtual environment for services, interaction, and communication.
  • Virtual worlds: Second Life, There, …
  • MMOGs: Entropia Universe, The Sims Online, Kaneva,…
  • Social Networks: Face book, My Space, Linked-In, …
  • Web 2.0: Wiki’s, blogs, communities, …
  • Web as a distributed computing platform: Face book,
  • Ajax-based Web applications, semantic Web, browser as client, Web OSs, …

3D Internet Enabling Factors

  • Availability of cheap hardware: GPUs, graphic cards
  • Emerging Output devices: Video Eye ware
  • Emerging 3D Input devices: 3Dconnexion’s Space Navigator
  • Advances in 3D graphics technologies:
  • OpenGL, DirectX
  • 3D support on traditional desktops
  • Vista 3D Flip, Compiz

Why?  Revolution

  • 3D Internet is more suitable than a document repository for providing an interactive virtual environment for services, interaction, and communication.
  • Web pages ->Blogs ->Facebook pages(Static Docs ->Updated Docs -> Application Platform)
  • E-mail -> SMS, IM ->Twitter, VoIP, Whitelist messaging
  • WWW ->Web 2.0 -> 3D Internet
  • Online Shopping, entertainment, services, communication, interaction
  • Advertisement, fashion, e-commerce, virtual meetings, …

How?  Research Questions.

  • Networking and Distributed Computing
  • Data storage (avatars, objects), computing aspects (scripts)
  • Latency minimization
  • Security and trust (decentralized identity management)
  • Intelligent Environments
  • The 3D Internet as a virtual ubiquitous computing environment and test bed for novel machine learning algorithms
  • ** Intelligent Services: Location-based services, personal (search) assistants, recommender systems
  • ** Intelligent Agents and Rendering: virtual 3D bots for various tasks


  • Provided an overview of the concept 3D Internet
  • Discussed the motivation behind it and specific research directions in the fields of networking, security, distributed computing, and machine learning.
  • At this point in time we are facing a unique opportunity for the evolution of the Internet towards a much more versatile, interactive, and usable version: the 3D Internet.
  • There are still many research challenges on the way we can use the existing hype as a driver of research and realization of 3D Internet

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Title: 3D Internet Technology
Category: Internet And Networking
Date: Monday, September 30th 2013.
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